Scadea + Appian Impact

Maximizing Your Business Efficiency Through the Use of Hyperautomation (Low-Code Technology, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligent).

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Scadea + Appian = Deliver Significant Automation Impact

We deliver smart business processes and intelligent automation solutions as well as a range of integrated services to help you accelerate your digital transformation
We offer low-code development and rapid prototyping of your business use cases to accelerate the construction of high-impact business apps web & mobile-ready.
We managed the end-to-end lifecycle of your application from deployed in the cloud or on-premises and support/maintenance
Migrate your existing data and application into an easily manageable, secure, Secure, Scalable, Reliable, Compliant & Governed solution. up to 20x faster than traditional development.

Our Services

Low Code Platform Development

Scadea Low Code Platform Development specializes in delivering business solutions using the Appian platform. We offer services such as implementation, customization, and support for Appian projects.

Complex BPM & Workflow Development

Scadea BPM & Workflow Development specializes in identifying suitable operational areas for automation, streamlining business processes, and empowering organizations to automate and optimize their business processes to increase efficiency and drive business outcomes.

Appian Custom Plugin Development

Scadea specializes in Customizing and extending the capabilities of the Appian platform through the development of custom plugins, components, and integrations that extend the functionality of the Appian. Integrations with your existing enterprise systems, such as ERP, CRM, HR systems, data visualizations, and reporting tools.

Appian UI/UX Custom Design & Development

Scadea specializes in customizing and enhancing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the Appian platform. Providing services to match your existing branding requirements, UI/UX design, color scheme, and fonts to help organizations to create a unique and distinctive look and feel for their Appian applications.

Appian Professional Service

Scadea is part of Appian’s Trusted Partner Program, Our Appian implementation capabilities are acknowledged by Appian through the Appian Trusted Partner Program (TPP). Our highly intensive structured approach combined with the power of Appian makes us the perfect partner to deliver simpler, faster, and intelligent low-code solutions 

Smart Service Integration

Scadea Specialize in Appian Smart Services Integration refers to the process of connecting the Appian platform with various smart services, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services, to enhance the functionality and capabilities of the platform. 

OUR Pre-Built Appian SOLUTIONS

Research data access management

Use workflow automation and low-code to automate the user access request procedure for research data.

Research Startup

Automate the collaboration and workflow of the clinical research start-up process to account for regional differences in business norms and regulatory regulations.

Lab Inventory Control

Utilizing a customizable solution supported by low-code process automation, efficiently manage your lab inventory.

Scadea Automation Practice

Agile Development Methodology

We promote continuous innovation and maintain delivery standards.

Over 50+ BPM certified L2, L3 Appian experts

Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that leverage the full potential of the Appian platform and drive business value for its clients.

Center of Excellence (CoE) & accelerators.

We have built several varieties of use cases for solutions accelerators on the Appian to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Highly skilled digital transformation professionals with in-depth industry knowledge

Experts cover Financial Services, Education, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and many more.

Delivery capabilities both onshore and nearshore for added flexibility.

We serve high-demand regions including the UK, Americas, Middle East, India, and Asia-Pacific.

Scadea plus Appian Impact


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